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IRS investigation has led to several Nebraska residents being charged in a steroid distribution conspiracy

OMAHA, Nebraska – Several suspects in a steroid distribution conspiracy have been indicted as a result of an IRS investigation.

Fernando Lopez-Reyes is reportedly a participant in a six-person plot to distribute steroids, meth, and other illegal narcotics.

Friday afternoon in federal court in Omaha, Lopez-Reyes entered a guilty plea. He will be sentenced on December 9.

Bob’s Custom Clothing Warehouse was the alleged name of the group’s internet outlet selling anabolic steroids. From April 12, 2018 to March 20, 2021, it is alleged that the operation was conducted in Nebraska and abroad for several years.

Allegedly, terms such as “unique recipe, shirts, primo suits, etc.” were encoded inside the drug packaging offered by the internet shop.

According to federal investigators, the organization made certain payments with cryptocurrencies to make their trail more difficult to trace.

According to investigators, the six individuals also constructed shell firms and paid a number of persons in China for the goods.

The IRS Criminal Investigation team at the St. Louis Field Office investigated the case.

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