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Iranian residents based in Omaha on Saturday protested against police brutality in Iran

OMAHA, Nebraska — Mahsa Amini’s death in Iranian police custody has sent shockwaves throughout Iran and the rest of the world.

Even here in the country’s core, Iranians are demanding freedom and equality in their nation.

A demonstrator stated, “She resided in Iran and was cruelly murdered by the so-called morality police.”

The circumstances surrounding her death incited local Iranians to meet at the intersection of 72nd and Dodge to demand equality.

A demonstrator stated, “We are attempting to recognize women’s rights in this era.”

According to Iranians, the morality police are recognized for strictly upholding Islamic law. One woman claimed to have dealt with them directly.

“I was just detained for wearing a purple outfit. I believe it is absurd. I mean crazy,” stated Sepehr Pashoutani.

According to local Iranians, what occurred to Amini is only the tip of the iceberg. According to them, protests in their country have become a death sentence for many.

“I am aware of approximately 100 protest-related deaths in Iran caused by live ammunition. They have been fatally beaten. It saddens me. “It saddens me that my sisters and brothers must endure this regime’s violence,” remarked a demonstrator.

Iranians refuse to remain silent, speaking up for those who are unable to and urging other nations to pay attention.

“Politicians have been discussing it, but we want our voice to be heard,”

Iran has been experiencing protests since Amini’s death on September 17. State television there indicates that approximately forty individuals have been slain.

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