Iowa Western Aviation Maintenance Program Holds Open Day

COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa (Nebraska) — Iowa’s Western Aviation Maintenance Program opened its doors Saturday to prospective students, alumni, and community members to showcase what a career in aviation maintenance can bring.

In 2022, the program received a $475,000 grant to support the expansion of the school’s FAA-certified School of Aircraft Technicians, and the program has expanded significantly since then, including doubling the number of women in aviation maintenance training. The program helps support the aviation industry, which is facing not only a shortage of pilots, but also a shortage of people trained to keep aircraft airworthy.

“Students can delve into every facet of every aircraft,” said flight instructor Eric Ely. “So, they study everything from the wheels to the lighthouse at the top, so they know how everything works.”

According to a recent report, the aviation industry will face a shortage of more than 12,000 aircraft mechanics by the end of 2023.


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