Iowa liquor stores are no longer allowed to sell Russia-produced liquor beverages

Des Moines, Iowa – It has been less than a week since Russia started the full-scale invasion against Ukraine and Russia is completely pushed by United States and most of the EU countries.

Russia and dozens of Russian billionaires, government officials and businessmen are facing dozens of measures against them causing a lot of financial losses.

The state of Iowa is among the latest to join on the list after Iowa Gov. Reynolds has directed the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division to remove Russian-produced alcoholic liquor products from its wholesale purchase list.

According to the governor, his decision comes to express solidarity with the people of Ukraine while they are doing everything to defend their country by the Russian army.

While many think that banning Russian vodka will hit Russian economy, CNN explained why states boycotting Russian liquor beverages won’t work.

Iowa is one of 17 states that control the sale of alcoholic liquor at the wholesale level. Under Iowa law, ABD has the authority to determine the brands of alcoholic liquor products available for sale to retailers. Alcoholic liquor is sold by ABD to off-premises retailers who then sell the products directly to consumers or to on-premises retailers, such as bars and restaurants.

In addition to the latest governor’s decision, the state of Iowa is about to end their close relations with their Russian sister-state of Stavropol Krai, while enhancing their relations with the Ukraine sister-state of Cherkasy Oblast.

The latest decision is set to take place no later than March 1 and all of the banned Russian liquor beverages will be listed on the Alcoholic Beverages Division official website in the upcoming days.

As per The Guardian, Governors of Ohio, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Utah also ordered state-owned liquor stores to stop selling Russian-made and branded vodkas.

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