Iowa health experts remind residents to take their flu shot as we approach the winter

Since the year 2020, covid or the covid vaccine has been the most common reason for needing a vaccination. With the addition of covid vaccine boosters, other vaccinations have taken a back seat. Iowa’s Nurse Association of Johnson County and Iowa City Hospice would want to remind you to be vaccinated against influenza.

According to KCRG, the Nurse Association and Iowa City hospice reported poor vaccination rates throughout the previous year. By December of 2021, they had administered approximately 3,500 flu vaccines, 500 fewer than the previous year.

As the director of the VNA/Iowa Hospice Community Program, Colette Hartley spoke about dropping rates across the nation, not just in Iowa. According to KCRG, she stated the following.

That was around the time that the booster became available for the COVID-19 vaccine. And so I think a lot of people at that time were focused on getting that booster shot.

I must confess that I have never considered getting a flu vaccination. I’ve been quite healthy for the majority of my life, so I’ve always believed that the old and the sick should receive their flu vaccines before I do. It has never been a major concern of mine. Perhaps this year I might investigate purchasing one. I do not believe this is the correct course of action. If you believe that you and your family should have a flu shot, you should do so.

Hartley wants to remind people that there are numerous clinics where they may receive a flu vaccination, and the VNA and Iowa City Hospice are attempting to spread the word so that the flu vaccine numbers increase this year. There are currently 65 planned clinics. According to KCRG, she stated the following.

Right now we have a total of 65 clinics scheduled. It’s not a matter of not a lot of places doing vaccinations. It’s just trying to get the word out to the public that they are available and they’re at convenient locations.

According to Dallas County, Iowa, flu season typically reaches its peak in February, but it can emerge as early as October and linger until May. As today is the last day of September, now is the ideal time to choose a nearby clinic and prepare for the impending winter.

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