Instagram has surpassed 2 billion monthly active users, WhatsApp is also progressing


The company Meta has published the latest data for the social networks Instagram and Facebook, as well as for the WhatsApp application.

Instagram has surpassed 2 billion active users worldwide on a monthly basis, bringing it close to Facebook, which has 2.96 billion users. These data are published together with the financial report. It is also stated that the WhatsApp application is used by over 2 billion users every day. With that, this Meta application is used monthly by 3.71 billion users all over the planet.

In June 2018, Instagram crossed the mark of one billion monthly active users, and since then it has experienced one of the biggest transformations since it was bought by Facebook, i.e. today’s Meta, 10 years ago. Instagram no longer only shows posts of people the user follows, but also more algorithmically selected content based on what it “thinks” the user is interested in. The platform has also added TikTok-style short clips under the name Reels, which now takes precedence over other video formats.

Meta made these changes with the intention of keeping Instagram relevant in the increasingly crowded social media industry. In the past few years, the Chinese company ByteDance’s TikTok has burst onto the scene with its videos focused on popular topics. On TikTok, clips are algorithmically sent to people who are interested in a certain topic, not just those who follow the creator of the posts.

It’s important to Meta that its social platforms keep users coming back and spending time on Facebook and Instagram. The company derives most of its revenue from advertisements placed on those platforms. Less money has been spent on digital ads lately amid uncertain economic conditions, leaving Meta and its rivals to scramble for fewer dollars.

Instagram was acquired in 2012, after which it built an advertising business that became Meta’s main revenue driver. WhatsApp was acquired in 2014 and is still under development.


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