Instagram further restricts content for people under the age of 16

More recent changes to Instagram’s privacy and security features are geared specifically on protecting the information of young people who use the social networking service.

This update will automatically assign new user accounts to the “Less” sensitive content control option, and it will also provide a notification to adolescents who are currently using Instagram advising that they select the “Less” option as their sensitive content control setting.

As an added incentive, they will be provided instructions to examine and update their privacy and security settings. In addition, they will be shown instructions.

The sensitive content control provides a number of different options, including “More,” which enables the display of a greater amount of sensitive content; “Standard,” which enables the display of some sensitive content; and “Less,” which enables the display of the least sensitive content of the three options that are provided. Only the third and fourth choices are available for usage by teenagers.

The presentation of potentially sensitive information across the board on this social network ought to become more challenging as a result of selecting this option.

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