Initiative called Make More in America directly supports Charleston and South Carolina local small businesses

CHARLESTON, South Carolina – As part of an initiative to expand the economy of the state, a federal agency has committed to providing assistance to small businesses in the state of South Carolina.

Make More in America is the name of the initiative being proposed. The goal is to provide finance for businesses that wish to increase their production in the United States of America while simultaneously increasing their exports from the United States.

On Thursday, Congressman Jim Clyburn and Reta Jo Lewis from the Export-Import Bank met with local businesses to discuss the influence that domestic manufacturing has on South Carolina’s economy as well as ideas to expand it.

The Export-Import Bank is an independent federal agency that works to promote American firms by increasing their competitiveness in the global marketplace and providing them with capital for growth. The chair of the bank is Reta Jo Lewis, and she and Clyburn have been collaborating very closely in order to make this project a reality.

Lewis stated that “it is vital for us to talk about the idea that working with our state and local leaders, as well as working with our congressional leadership,” in reference to the importance of working with state and local politicians. “We are here to be as inclusive as we can be in order to engage with groups like our Department of Commerce and others who are also participating here today with us to speak about how we can help more businesses in South Carolina. Others who are also participating here today with us include.”

Trucking, agricultural, and port services were provided by a few of the local small enterprises that they spoke with. The new program will provide them with government assistance in obtaining a loan for exporting, which has the potential to make a significant contribution to the expansion of the economy.

“So, from a small business perspective, we really stand ready to continue to work with individuals here, not just in Charleston, but all throughout the state,” Lewis said.

According to Barbara Melvin, the Chief Executive Officer of the South Carolina Ports Authority, it is the responsibility of her organization to develop innovative infrastructure that gives exporters in the United States access to markets in other countries. She claims that their leadership and their partnership with Exim Back have made it possible for them to achieve this goal.

Melvin explained that as the company moves forward, it will work to reduce costs for exporters. When we have significant imports, in addition. Because we provide our exporters a greater number of ship services, they have access to international markets that are more competitive.

However, according to Lewis, companies that are in need of finance and want to apply for it can do so through the Export-Import Bank even if there is no official start date for the program.

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