Incident in Northeast Lincoln on Wednesday early morning: suspect tired to steal ATM in a stolen vehicle

LINCOLN, Nebraska – After suspects attempted to take an ATM in northeast Lincoln with a truck that had been stolen, the Lincoln Police Department is conducting an investigation.

An ATM tamper alert was reported at three in the morning on Wednesday at Pinnacle Bank, which is located near the intersection of 27th Street and Folkways Boulevard.

The cash machine had apparently been removed from its base and was found lying in the parking lot, as reported by the LPD.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department (LPD), a 2006 Ford F250 was found in the area and was identified to be the vehicle that was utilized in the attempt.

Investigators have a strong suspicion that the truck was taken sometime in the morning from the neighborhood located around Lamont and Lakeshore Drives.

According to the authorities, the total damage to the equipment and the infrastructure in the surrounding area is estimated to be $104,000.

In the event that you have any information, please contact the Lincoln Police Department at (402) 441-6000 or Crime Stoppers at (402) 475-3600.

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