In less than a minute, new mobile app can detect if a person is Covid-19 positive based on voice analysis

According to the findings of certain researchers, a mobile phone application that performs voice analysis may be able to accurately diagnose Covid-19 infection.

It is a model built with artificial intelligence that has an accuracy of 89 percent. Because the cost is reasonable, as was just discussed, it is suitable for application in low-income nations, which typically have trouble affording PCR testing.

The findings are available in a little over a minute’s time.

According to Sky News, the technique was developed using data from an app called Covid-19 Sounds that was developed at Cambridge University.

There were a total of 893 audio recordings, which included 4,352 people who were either well or sick. They were asked about their medical history, indicated whether or not they smoked, then recorded their respiratory sounds like coughing, and finally, they read a few phrases.

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