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Improperly discarded cigarette almost completely destroyed a house in Lincoln in weekend fire, report

Lincoln, Nebraska – Improperly discarded cigarette was the reason for the house fire that resulted $120,000 worth of damage to a house Saturday morning in Lincoln, the local fire department said in a statement.

According to Lincoln Fire & Rescue, crews were dispatched to a house near 54th and Elkcrest Drive in the early morning hours on Saturday around 2 a.m. following a 911 call in regards to a house fire.

The house initially started on the outside of the house and just when the flames started to move inside, the smoke detectors went off alarming the family that was inside. All of the people that were inside the house safely moved outside and no injuries were reported.

The investigation about the incident shows that an improperly discarded cigarette on the back deck of the home was the cause of the fire.

The family dog that was also inside the house was saved by the fire crews.

The fire was put under control shortly after the arrival of the first fire crews and only property damage was reported.

Because of the heavy damage, the family was displaced from the house temporarily. The damage is said to be roughly around $120,000.

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