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“I don’t have any choice,” Elderly man from Houston interfere with a robber choking a young woman and gets injured

Why would a 73-year-old grandpa of 11 interfere with a thief who was choking a young woman, getting himself bloodied and having his truck stolen in the process?

Simon Mancilla Sr. said he had no choice but to assist a woman who was attacked outside a check cashing store in North Houston earlier this month, KHOU reported.

“Hey, dude … “Don’t make a fuss,” Mancilla recalls telling the armed robber from his truck. Mancilla fought back as the gunman pushed him from his pickup truck. Mancilla fell to the ground after being shot in the head with a revolver during an exchange of blows with the robber.

Even though one of the good Samaritans briefly hung to the truck’s side, the thief was able to escape in Mancilla’s vehicle despite the attempts of two other good Samaritans who rushed to the scene.

According to his son, Mancilla never saw the men who came to his help because “his eyes were filled with blood and he could not see anyone.”

Mancilla necessitated multiple stitches.

The Houston police have published a smartphone video of the event.

When Mancilla intervened, the gunman had taken the young woman who had just exited the check cashing establishment.

Is American crime out of control?

Frequently, especially in states such as Texas, there are accounts of armed good guys stopping criminals. Mancilla, though, is a unique type of good guy: he is a good guy without a gun attempting to stop a bad guy with a gun.

That is courage.

At least it did not cost him his life, despite the fact that it did cost him his truck and some stitches.

It’s fortunate that he is in a state that respects the right to self-defense and the honor of defending a person in peril.

In an other state, he may have been charged with attacking the poor criminal.

This type of society is pushing many people to abandon states governed by the left and go to conservative states such as Texas.

Because if they are assaulted by a terrible guy, at least the correct response will be acknowledged.

And who can say? Perhaps a modest hero like Simon Mancilla will be willing to assist.

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