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Husband arrested after wife makes disturbing discovery in bathroom, police report

A California man who police say installed a hidden camera that spied on people using the guest bathroom at his home has been arrested.

Ryan Rovito, 34, was charged with possession of over 900 child pornography images. KTV-TV.

According to facebook post from the Redding Police Department, the police were “contacted by a worried wife after she discovered a hidden video recording device in the guest toilet of her residence.”

According to the message, Rovito’s wife faced her husband about the camera.

“Rovito admitted he knew about the camera, but promised to remove and throw it away,” the post reads.

But they did not give a chance to hide what was recorded.

“The wife confiscated the camera and the hard drive it was connected to before Mr. Rovito destroyed it and then contacted the Redding Police Department, fearing that Mr. Rovito had infamously recorded their young children using the bathroom.” the message says.

Society has gone astray that we have such cases?

The police then used search warrant analyze what was on the hard drive and camera.

“As a result of the investigation, more than 900 images of child pornography and several videos from a hidden camera in the bathroom were found,” the report says.

“Video footage showed children and adults using the toilet who did not appear to know they were being recorded,” the police wrote.

Police received an arrest warrant and took Rovito into custody during a traffic stop on Thursday.

Rovito was charged with possession of child pornography and a secret recording of an identifiable naked man.

Rovito was originally imprisoned in the Shasta County Jail.

In another hidden camera incident, a Missouri man faces charges after Houston, Missouri police said he placed a hidden camera in bathroom Casey’s General Store, according to KUKU-FM.

Patrick Pitcher is charged with sexual exploitation of a minor child, possession of child pornography, possession of a controlled substance, unlawful use of a subsection 11 weapon, and invasion of the privacy of a victim under 18 years of age. All charges against him are criminal offences.

In this case, police said 154 videos were taken of unsuspecting people.

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