Hundreds of Lincoln people spent hours Monday holding up signs outside the Capitol sharing messages against abortion restrictions

LINCOLN, NEBRASKA – On Monday, hundreds of individuals from Lincoln spent several hours outside the Capitol holding signs with the phrases “My Body, My Choice” and “Stars and Stripes and Reproductive Rights.”

Mary Wistrom coordinated the My Body My Choice event, which began at 10:00 am and lasted all afternoon. Wistrom, a resident of Lincoln, stated that for her, defending abortion rights in the post-Roe age means defending both women and children.

“I was raised in a foster home, so I am familiar with how it feels to be unwanted or uncared for. I spent many years questioning who I was, and I don’t want any other kids to go through that,” Wistrom added.

She also stated that it was not a coincidence that the tragedy took place on July Fourth.

We lack freedom, Wistrom claimed. Because we don’t have freedom today, I felt it was crucial to take a position.

James Michael Bowers, a member of the city council, and Christa Yoakum, a commissioner for Lancaster County, both spoke and urged Nebraskans to support pro-choice candidates in the forthcoming elections.

In Nebraska, abortion must remain legal, according to Bowers.

Robin Richards, a contender for the legislature’s district 12 seat, is one of them.

This is the first step in gaining the freedom to choose what occurs in our lives, to our bodies, and in the doctor’s office, according to Richards. “They’ve said they won’t stop there, so I’m saying we won’t either,” he said.

Abortion is currently permitted in Nebraska up until week 22 of pregnancy. To try and establish a total ban on abortion in the state, Governor Pete Ricketts and Speaker of the Legislature Mike Hilgers have said they could convene a special session. However, they recently stated that they won’t call a session unless they are certain they have the votes to pass it. The most recent legislative session saw the failure of a bill of a similar nature.

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