Hugh Hefner’s revenge – Girls who voluntarily leave Playboy Villa will be publicly humiliated

Playboy villa is presented to the public as a luxury place, and playboy bunnies as girls who enjoy, go to expensive restaurants, drive the best cars, have service and are constantly having fun. However, the truth is very different.

In the last few months there have been more and more girls telling horror stories and experiences they had while staying at a villa owned by Hugh Hefner.

The Playboy Secrets documentary also saw the light of day, revealing the dark side of Hugh Hefner.

The first to decide to speak was Holly Madison. She found that behind the “great life” in the villa was a harsh reality that allowed “vicious behavior, including sexual assault and drug abuse, prostitution, suicide and even murder. ”

“Looking back, I think the reason Playboy’s villa had a ‘cult’ atmosphere is that we all expected to think of Hef as a really good guy,” recalls Holly in the Hefner-directed documentary Girl Next Door.

The former Playboy bunny was very open about her relationship with Hefner. She described in detail the first night she spent with him.

“I really did not know what was going on with his girlfriends in a sexual sense,” Madison recalled, recounting once what one of their outings looked like.

“I was exhausted,” she continued, “he literally pushed my genitals into me. “After that happened, I was just horrified and ashamed and that had a much more emotional impact on me than I thought,” she said in her confession.

Hefner’s ex-wife, now Crystal’s widow, also spoke out. She not only confirmed Holly’s words, but also revealed the details that caused the girls to lose their hair.

“He was holding hundreds of women in his arms,” ​​she began. He forced them to undress and often take pictures, without even knowing it.

Revenge pornography was just one way to ensure that girls did what he wanted, but also to force them to various perversions that they would otherwise never agree to. Anyone who voluntarily left the property would experience public humiliation.

Crystal claims to have destroyed thousands of photos of naked girls passing by the villa.

“I found thousands of photos and destroyed them in an instant. I hardly know the exact number. “But they no longer exist,” she said.

As the ball slowly unwinds, it is possible that Hugh Hefner’s dark secrets will be revealed.

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