How to register to vote in Charleston County by the deadline of 30 days before election

CHARLESTON COUNTY, South Carolina – November 8 is election day, but the deadline to register to vote and update your address is much earlier. This information must be completed approximately 30 days before election day.

Online voting information is available in Charleston County, however some of the information regarding where to register in downtown Charleston appears to be out of current.

State and federal legislation mandate that all DMVs and select state agencies provide voter registration services. On the Charleston County voter registration website, 180 Lockwood is identified as the DMV and as one of two places on the peninsula where anyone can register to vote. The other is the Department of Mental Health of South Carolina, located at 580 East Bay Street. However, these firms no longer occupy these locations. The internet phone numbers mentioned for each location are no longer active.

The online list, according to Joshua Dickard, Deputy Director of Elections, is outdated and includes all state agencies required by law to receive voter registration applications. According to him, these addresses frequently change, thus he is currently attempting to remove them from the website until their continued existence can be confirmed.

Additionally, you can register to vote by mail. Applications are accessible at Charleston County Library Branch locations, municipal halls, post offices, and online at or the S.C. Secretary of State website. Website for the Elections Commission

You can contact the Charleston County Election Commission’s voter registration office at (843)744-8683 or [email protected] if you have issues regarding registering.

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