How to maintain a healthy sleep pattern following the clocks going back – expert

We have reached the end of British Summer Time, and as a symbol of the transition to shorter days and earlier sunrises, the clocks have been set back by one hour. Despite the fact that many of us will be pleased to get an additional hour to spend in bed, this change in time may cause our bodies to be slightly off-kilter. Because of this, we may end up feeling groggy and even more exhausted than usual.

Our circadian rhythms are 24 hour cycles that are a part of our body’s internal clock. When the time changes, it can throw off our circadian rhythms and cause havoc.

In light of this, Alison Jones, a sleep specialist at the mattress manufacturer Sealy, has provided some advice that will assist you in warding off feelings of lethargy and exhaustion in the days immediately after the conclusion of daylight savings time.

Resist the urge to take a sleep or lie in bed all day.

During the winter months, when the sun does not rise as early as it does in the summer, the desire to sleep in a little longer than usual is heightened, especially when one considers that the weather is typically more dreary and wet.

However, this might cause more problems than it solves when it comes to our normal sleeping patterns. Sleeping for longer than usual can throw off the natural rhythm of your body, which can make it more difficult to fall asleep at night.

The same is true for taking naps during the day, which might throw off your body’s natural rhythms for sleeping.

If you have trouble adjusting to new time zones or have trouble sleeping through the night on a consistent basis, you should probably avoid taking naps.

A “power nap” should only last approximately 20 to 30 minutes (preferably between 1pm and 2pm), since this can assist to recharge your body and enhance your alertness. If you find that you do need some additional rest during the day, the ideal “power nap” should only last around 20 minutes.

Spend some time in the fresh air.

The days are becoming shorter, and the nights are getting darker, which means that the amount of time we spend in the daylight will gradually diminish.

On December 21, the shortest day of the year, the sun begins to set as early as around 4 in the afternoon.

Keeping this in mind, it is essential to make it a habit of spending a considerable amount of time outside during the hours in which there is daylight.

People who spend the bulk of their time inside, such as those who work in an office or who spend the majority of their day inside, do not have the luxury of spending all of their leisure time outside.

To counter this, even a small amount of time spent outside is preferable to none at all.

It has been suggested by researchers that spending even a short period of time outdoors, away from artificial light, can have a favorable effect on your sleep cycle. This is because it allows your body to align itself to the natural light pattern that occurs outside.

Make your bedroom into the ideal place to sleep.

The importance of having a comfortable setting in which to sleep should never be understated, but this is especially true when the time changes and your body is thrown off its usual schedule.

As you get ready to wind down for the evening, give your room the finest possible preparation that you can muster.

This might be lighting some candles, listening to some soothing music, or even turning down the lights, since all of these things can assist to send the message to your body that it is time to go to bed.

When designing the ideal place to get some shut-eye, make sure to take into account the importance of a comfortable and supportive mattress.

You shouldn’t just focus on creating an environment that’s comfortable; you should also aim to make it as supportive as possible.

When you sleep on a mattress that provides adequate support, it helps to reduce the amount of pressure that is placed on your body, which in turn reduces the amount that you move around in your sleep.

Because of this, you will inevitably wake up less frequently, which will lead to a deeper and more peaceful sleep for you.

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