How do you lose weight by eating sandwiches?


Sandwiches have become an indispensable meal in modern times.

They are relatively cheap, quick to prepare and can be eaten on the go. Although they are considered incompatible with weight loss, nutritionist Terika Uriol has designed a method that includes them and still guarantees weight loss.

In a recent interview, she explained that she herself has been practicing the regimen for 22 years. For her, losing weight doesn’t mean giving up certain foods, because that doesn’t work in the long term and makes people want to go back to old habits.

“Carbohydrates form the base of the food pyramid, which means that bread should not be thrown out,” says this Spanish woman.

In her country, a lot of bread is consumed, so it is difficult to stay away from it. And that’s why he claims that bread can be part of a balanced diet, if eaten with healthy products. If you want a sandwich, Uriol advises a combination of ham and tomato, without bacon.

“A sandwich with tuna and peppers or chicken and light, low-fat cheese is also a good choice. If you want a sandwich with sardines, make sure they are well drained of oil. Losing weight should not be radical, but gradual and continuous,” she advises.

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