Horry County water rescue workers are prepared to assist during Ian’s storm

CONWAY, South Carolina – As Hurricane Ian makes landfall on Friday morning, leaders in Horry County are monitoring the coastline.

The Grand Strand is under a Hurricane Warning and a Storm Surge Warning, while inland areas are under a Tropical Storm Warning.

As a result, at least fifty rescue workers in Horry County are prepared to assist if necessary, although no forced evacuations have been required.

Friday saw some flooding in the Garden City region, with Atlantic Avenue essentially submerged. As flooding worsens through Friday, officials in Horry County anticipate road closures.

Randy Webster, assistant administrator for public safety in Horry County, urges motorists to stay off the road, but to be watchful and cautious if they must drive.

“This is an extremely dangerous scenario, and we must ensure that no one drives around the barricades,” he stated. “Don’t leave the house if you don’t have to. Just be prepared if there are prolonged power outages. Do not operate generators indoors. You are aware of all these minor safety measures.”

As waves continued to build in Horry County on Thursday, beach guards monitored the beaches while other local authorities urged residents to remain out of the water.

Webster stated that inland residents can also be impacted by coastal flooding.

As this coastal flooding disaster progresses and the surge begins to migrate up the rivers, it will eventually reach our region. It will prevent it from draining as rapidly as it typically would. It will have a greater effect when more rain falls. “It will take a bit longer,” Webster added.

As of 9 a.m. on Friday, first responders will be on the road assisting individuals in need as Horry County switches to OPCON 1.

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