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Horror: what the surviving neighbor of the murdered Idaho students saw when he opened the door during the attack

A sworn statement of probable cause outlining the allegations against Brian Kochberger reveals disturbing new details about a four-time Idaho murder he is charged with.

Document was unsealed Thursday following Kochberger’s extradition from Pennsylvania.

An unnamed witness describes seeing a masked man dressed in black in a house where four University of Idaho students lived. were killed the 13th of November.

The survivor of the attack had not previously spoken publicly about seeing the killer. Her account of the killings in the early hours of the morning is featured in an affidavit against Kochberger.

The witness, identified as “DM”, opened his bedroom door after hearing noises and voices in the early hours of November 13.

The resident “saw a figure dressed in black clothing and a mask covering the mouth and nose of a man walking towards her.”

The survivor was in a “frozen shock phase” when the suspect walked past her to a sliding glass door and then locked herself in her bedroom.

DM did not report that it recognized the masked intruder that morning.

Law enforcement believes they have arrested the man responsible for the murders. Koberger was detained in Pennsylvania after a cross-country trip for the holidays.

Do you think the Idaho police have taken into custody the right person for these murders?

Kochberger maintains his innocence in the face of the accusations. PhD in criminology. the student believes that he will be rehabilitated, according to KCPQ-TV.

There is reason to believe that these allegations will not be resolved quickly. In fact, Kochberger’s trial may not take place for years to come.

Idaho has the death penalty, and it’s likely that prosecutors are seeking the final punishment for one of the worst crimes in the state’s history.

Death penalty trials generally take longer than non-execution cases.

It should be noted that the allegations against Koberger is also not an airtight, opening and closing case.

As expected in a case where it took authorities two months to arrest a suspect after a four-time home invasion murder.

It is more likely that the jury eventually convened for Kochberger’s trial will take a closer look at the evidence than media commentators who think they are experts on the subject.

None of this means that he is innocent, although he is entitled to that presumption under the Constitution.

Authorities say they found the defendant’s DNA on a sheath found at the crime scene.

Lawyer Kochberger would have been wise to ask his client about his history with the subject at hand.

Unless Kochberger has a credible alibi that could establish why his DNA ended up inside the house or sheathed, it will be difficult to convince a jury that law enforcement is fixated on the wrong person in a murder investigation.

Kochberger was denied bail during his first appearance in an Idaho court on Thursday. KREM-TV.

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