His father was killed in a road range incident last week, Dallas man had nothing left but take a 30-hour long flight and return home

DALLAS, Texas — A sergeant in the United States Army with 16 years of service is begging for the public’s assistance after his father was fatally shot during a road rage incident last Friday.

SFC. Bradley Marshall landed in Dallas on Sunday after flying home from deployment overseas for more than 30 hours following the death of Rudy Marshall.

Marshall, 59, was shot and murdered along U.S. 175 near I-20 with his 10-year-old son and wife in the car, according to the Dallas Police Department.

His son reports that the family had planned to purchase Halloween decorations before to the shooting.

The family is currently fundraising towards Marshall’s funeral. Go here if you’d want to help.

“Leather was used to fashion my father. My brother and I were taught what it means to be a man, a father, and a member of a family by this man “SFC. Marshall remarked.

“I’m grieving inside, but he’s always taught me to be tougher when times are rough.”

According to Marshall’s family, Dallas PD investigators have very few leads. The agency has only indicated that the suspect car may be a gray sedan.

Marshall, Senior Medical Advisor for the Security Force Assistance Brigade, told WFAA that the family is offering a reward of up to $5,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Marshall’s murderer.

The life of SFC Marshall, who has completed seven deployments for his country, was heavily inspired by his father.

As soon as they learned what had occurred, he said, his unit overseas transported him to the airport and paid for his flight.

“I owe my unit a great deal. They did the right thing, stood by me, and continue to stand by me, and got me out of that nation and returned promptly, without any questioning “SFC. Marshall remarked.

The sergeant stated he was unable to disclose his deployment location.

His grandfather, Army veteran Frank Marshall, told WFAA that he couldn’t believe his son was dead.

“He adored Boston sports and the Red Sox, and I taught him all the fundamentals,” a tearful 82-year-old Frank Marshall recalled.

“The same was true for his boys. We desire the perpetrator’s capture, despite the fact that it will not bring my son back.”

Rudy’s middle son, Sean Marshall, told WFAA that he hadn’t spoken to his father in a while and urged those who haven’t called a loved one to do so.

“You never know when your last conversation with someone will be,” Sean added.

There were things I wanted to tell him that I was unable to.

SFC Marshall has a message for his father’s murderer in the interim.

“To the man who decided to shoot my father: living a violent lifestyle is vain and foolish. In that 30-second window, you opted to take a human life for something so insignificant. I hope gravity pulls you down, eats away at you, and keeps you up at night “SFC. Marshall stated.

“This swift move is more expensive than you think. You deprived a family of a generation. You took a son from a father, a son from a mother, a husband from a wife, a father from three sons, and a grandfather from five grandchildren. Even if you’re going free, I know that your lifestyle will soon catch up with you, and your steam will run out.”

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