High blood pressure: 12 nitrate-rich foods to reduce hypertension – expert

It is estimated that one in every three persons in the UK has high blood pressure, although it is possible that they are unaware of their illness. Despite this, high blood pressure is a prevalent condition. It can put a strain on your organs such as the blood vessels, heart, and other organs, which can lead to major health problems if it is not treated. This puts you at risk for serious health problems. This can lead to illnesses that could potentially endanger your life, such as heart attacks, strokes, or kidney disease.

High blood pressure, commonly known as hypertension, can be caused by a number of different things, and each of these things has the potential to play a role.

This includes one’s nutrition, with foods that are heavy in salt being especially detrimental to one’s health.

On the other hand, eating certain meals may reduce the likelihood that you will develop high blood pressure.

Foods that are high in nitrates have the potential to cause this, as explained by TJ Waterfall, the lead nutritionist at Eat Holy.

He stated the following in an interview with “Dietary nitrates and nitrites, which are abundant in plant foods, can help to improve vascular function.”

They are a source for the synthesis of nitric oxide, which tells the smooth muscle that surrounds blood vessels to relax, resulting in an increase in blood flow and a decrease in blood pressure.

“In point of fact, the results of a recent meta-analysis, which is a review of all clinical trials that are relevant, demonstrated that beetroot, which is the richest source of dietary nitrates, dramatically reduced blood pressure in individuals who were hypertensive.

It has also been proven to improve exercise performance across a wide range of activity intensities. [Citation needed] [Citation needed]

According to him, beetroot is the food that contains the highest amount of nitrate.

On the other hand, he suggested consuming the following foods:

The following vegetables and herbs are included: Spinach Rhubarb Celery Lettuce Watercress Rocket Fennel Parsley Celeriac Chinese cabbage

He continued by saying, “Nitrates found in plant foods should not be confused with the nitrates that are added to processed meats in order to prolong the shelf life of the meat, improve its flavor, and give the meat its “desirable” pink color.”

“During the processing, curing, storage, and heating of processed meats, the nitrites in the meat react with the amines in the meat to generate nitrosamines, which are recognized carcinogens. This reaction is one mechanism that is hypothesized to explain the associations between processed meat and colorectal cancer.

“On the other hand, the nutrients that are found in fruits and vegetables, such as vitamin C and a number of different phenolic compounds, prevent the creation of nitrosamines from the nitrates that are included in those foods.

Therefore, a far higher percentage of the nitrates found in plant meals are converted to nitric oxide, which improves vascular function and lowers blood pressure.

Additional meals that have been shown to lower blood pressure

foods that are high in potassium

According to him, “they lessen the effect that sodium (salt) has on your body and lessen the strain in your blood vessels.”

Fresh fruit, vegetables, legumes, and greens are some of the finest sources of potassium. Other good sources include legumes.

Whole grains

According to TJ, “they provide a very significant amount of vital minerals such as magnesium that are linked with keeping a good blood pressure.”


He continued by saying, “Studies have indicated that consuming a couple of tablespoons of powdered flax on a daily basis may be just as beneficial as taking certain blood pressure lowering drugs.”

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