Hidden Deep is a masterpiece of just one developer

This week, we tested the ambitious indie game Cogwheel Software – a Polish “studio” with only one developer behind it. Although we had heard interesting things about Hidden Deep, the prejudice against a game made by only one man took its toll and somehow we did not expect much. This sci-fi thriller inspired by the horror movies of the eighties turned out to be a phenomenal title that can stand side by side with games made by entire studios.

Hidden Deep pushes you into a claustrophobic station where various creatures lurk. In addition to certain weapons, you have at your disposal a number of equipment and tools for more efficient exploration of dark corridors. You start the game by taking into account two main elements: exploration and battles.

The depths are full of physical challenges and obstacles. You need to be careful how you move because one wrong move or estimate separates you from death. From the very beginning, you will get a tool with which you can throw a spear with a rope, something that is extremely useful for climbing or descending, as well as swinging from one point to another. You can analyze the ground you are in, check for nearby cracks and reach them by planting and detonating explosives. In parallel, you can send probes that move through the gaps and check if there is an unpleasant surprise waiting for you, and later you will be able to operate heavy machinery. Very carefully, however…

The second part is the battles. Hidden Deep has a variety of creatures, with unique ways of moving and unpredictable attacks. At first you only have a gun, but later you unlock significantly more powerful firearms. But the fight against ammunition is also real and it needs to be used economically.

Whatever you do in Hidden Deep, the element of surprise is terrifying and you never know what will go wrong. For Hidden Deep, the purest form of horror is this – not knowing what will happen and what price you will have to pay if you take the next step. For example, as you shoot and move away from one creature, another may come out of the hole with lightning speed and grab you. There is no room for correction, you can not do anything because the output is already decided for you.

The author describes Hidden Deep as a game that is directly inspired by Aliens, The Thing from Another World and the first Half-Life, but somehow forgets to mention Dark Souls because if you do something often here, it is dying, over and over again. Each time you die, you will be able to continue your progress with another human being, given that this too is limited and you can not constantly test the waters with rapid dying.

Although the game is in early access, Hidden Deep is extremely stable, and the campaign offers more than 20 hours of gameplay. In case you are afraid to experience the game yourself, you also have co-op mode available. Interestingly, the game offers one dimension when you play alone, but quite another when you decide to share the fear with another person. No matter how you decide to play, fun is guaranteed.

Hidden Deep will be in early access for at least half a year. We were extremely impressed with what we saw, and that seems to be the case with most Steam gamers. Namely, in less than two days, the game already has 75% positive reviews. In case you are looking for horror / sci-fi games with a huge emphasis on challenge and atmosphere, subtly aided by an intriguing story, then Hidden Deep is a destination you should not miss!

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