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‘He’s a dumb rapper’: Gang member charged with murder after police heard his latest song

A young man in Florida was charged with murder after police said he shot his alleged victim in the back and later boasted about it in a rap song he recorded.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said 19-year-old La’Darion Chandler shot 33-year-old John McGee in the back in the Lakeland area on December 17 last year.

Both men were described as members of a rival gang, and the shooting followed an altercation.

McGee died a few weeks later in the hospital after Judd said he refused to take life-saving medication. The victim also allegedly refused to cooperate in his own shooting investigation.

Judd told reporters that he suspected it was because McGee wanted to heal his wounds and go after Chandler himself. VTVT-TV reported.

Investigators were already looking at Chandler as a suspect after McGee’s death, but Judd said they were helped when the teen recently posted. rap a social media video in which he bragged about the murder, in which he shot his victim in the back.

The Sheriff’s Department shared a short clip of the song and video on their YouTube page.

ATTENTION! The following video contains profanity that some viewers may find offensive.

The department also shared some of the song’s lyrics:

“…Nigga tried to run
i hit him on the back
Even though I shoot like a mac
Dirty asses, dead niggas who know where to find me…”

Judd called Chandler a bad rapper in comments to local media.

“He doesn’t really look like a rapper,” Judd said, according to the network. “My rapper expert says he doesn’t sing well. He doesn’t move well. He’s just a terrible rapper.

Judd continued, “But he’s a stupid rapper. Not only does he make a rap video of himself shooting someone, but he admits to shooting a guy in the back. I’m a cowardly rapper, that’s who I am. Watch me shoot a guy in the back.”

Chandler charged in the first degree murder in McGee’s murder. Judd said the alleged killer cried “like a baby” when he was arrested.

“When we put a first-degree murder warrant on him, after that he started crying like a baby who lost his pacifier, and supposedly his gun was his pacifier,” Judd said. “He boasted that he carried a pistol with him all the time and fired it at his rivals.”

IN Press releaseThe sheriff’s crime rate said in Polk County is actually at a 51 year low.

The recent surge in gang-related violence has led to the creation of a task force to address the issue, he said.

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