Here is what Prince Harry asked the Queen: He enraged the public with this move!

Prince Harry entered into a legal battle with the English government after it was decided to cancel his security.

The legal team of Prince Harry, who resigned from all palace duties and functions two years ago, has sent a letter saying they will seek a review if Prince Harry and Megan do not have security during their stay in England. If this legal conflict continues, it is possible that the matter will reach the High Court and there will be a fight between the ministers on the one hand and Prince Harry on the other.

This would be the first time in history that a member of the royal family has taken such legal action, and sources close to Harry explain it this way:

Simply put, Harry’s message to the state is that the laws are bad. He believes the state’s decision to cut off his security is wrong. When Harry arrived at Prince Philip’s funeral, he was secured. However, when he returned this summer, England did not receive security. “Harry arrived in England for the funeral with his private security, but was greeted at the airport by Scotland Yard.”

The public is outraged by Harry and Megan’s decision to seek tax-backed collateral, while at the same time relinquishing their royal duties.

“Prince Harry was born with a lifelong security risk and deserves protection,” explains his legal team.

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