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LINCOLN, Nebraska (Nebraska) — Every day on our October 11th Facebook News page, we post the Question of the Day and read the answers for October 11th this morning. Here are the answers in case you missed it!

Monday, January 23

Q: Pizza Hut once bought more of this vegetable than any other restaurant to decorate their salad bar. What it is?

A: Calais

Tuesday, January 24

Q: About 10% of single adults say they would break up with someone who does what on a plane?

A: Claps when he lands

Wednesday, January 25

Q: You probably don’t clean them often, but health experts say they’re often covered in germs. What are they?

A: Spice jars.

Thursday, January 26

Q: 40% of homeowners say they haven’t done this in a while, even though they know they should. What it is?

A: Clean the fluff filter in the dryer.

Friday, January 27

Q: There is a list of the ten most unnecessary things in an ordinary home. What is number one on this list?

A: Books

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