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Help Wanted: Omaha officials are looking for temporary full and part-time workers in getting ready for early in-person voting

OMAHA, Nebraska – The Douglas County Election Commissioner has posted a poster requesting volunteers.

Officials are seeking temporary full-time and part-time employees. They require assistance to prepare for early voting in person.

Voters in Douglas County are greeted at the Election Commissioners office by customer service staff.

Currently, the county requires seven full-time and two part-time personnel to cover the vacancies at the front desk.

“Essentially what you’re doing is, individuals who want to vote in person at our office before election day, they come in here, you would be giving them the correct ballot and they would either take the ballot and vote here in our office or they’d take it home and return it later,” Election Commissioner Brian Kruse said.

According to Kruse, early voting begins thirty days before election day. He anticipates that many voters will cast ballots early.

“In the 2020 presidential general we had almost 15,000 people vote early in our office. We’re projecting about 10,000 to vote in our office this time.”

Kruse states that the roles are temporary, but vital to the county’s voting process.

“We want to have all of our customer service stations manned and available to the public just to make that process go smoother for the voters. Keep the lines moving and things of that nature.”

The salary rate is $16 per hour. The role begins on September 20 and lasts for eight weeks. If interested or if you have questions, please visit the Douglas County Commissioners’ website or contact (402) 444-8683.

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