Heavy smoker explains how smoking weed every night helps

For a very long time, marijuana has been associated with unfavorable connotations in popular culture.

When someone mentions the words “smoke pot,” pictures of stoners doing nothing productive with their life, lying on the sofa watching countless hours of television and ordering mountains of Taco Bell food are conjured up in the listener’s mind.

I can promise you that, save from an occasional affinity for Taco Bell, I have nothing in common with the stoners that you are imagining I am.

I recently graduated from college and am currently pursuing a master’s degree while still working as a consultant and as a freelance writer, and guess what? Toke is my favorite way to relax.

At the age of 18, I made the journey to Northern California and was immediately immersed in the world of marijuana. I had no prior experience with any of it, but I quickly came to the conclusion that I much loved the relaxed state that smoking gave me.

I have struggled with anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) for the most of my life, and I discovered that it helped me tremendously in controlling whatever difficulties I was coping with.

Despite this, I didn’t smoke very much while I was in college. It wasn’t until I got a job and learned how to deal with the rigors of being in my early 20s that I even gave the idea further thought.

It was really a buddy who was going to school to become a therapist that came up with the idea. In the course of her research, she had come across a number of studies that demonstrated how smoking marijuana in modest doses helped individuals sleep better, reduced their anxiety levels, and even had better sex.

I made the decision to experiment with smoking some marijuana before going to bed, and the decision led to a dramatic change in my life within only a few short days.

Both falling asleep and staying asleep have always been challenging for me. After a hard day at work, it was tough for me to wind down and clear my mind before going to bed.

Before I started smoking pot, I had the habit of staying up until three in the morning going through everything I had to accomplish the next day in my head, which prevented me from getting any sleep.

I discovered that smoking marijuana not only made it easier for me to get to sleep quickly and calmed the anxious thoughts that were racing through my head, but it also provided me with a ritual to follow before going to bed.

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Suddenly, things started going a lot more easily in my life.

Because I was sleeping more soundly, I found that I woke up in the mornings with a clearer brain and a more invigorated feeling than before.

It was no longer necessary for me to consume a massive bagel and four cappuccinos just to get into my automobile. Sometimes I would wake up spontaneously even before my alarm went off.

Because I had gotten enough sleep the night before, I was able to tackle the day with considerably less anxiety.

In a short time, it became become my thing.

An element of my daily existence and routine that I looked forward to and that made my life better.

My close friends may occasionally make fun of me for being a pothead, but they are aware of the significance that cannabis plays in maintaining my health.

It would appear that new benefits of partaking in cannabis use are being uncovered on a daily basis. If I did not have my nightly ritual, I am confident that my life would not be nearly as fulfilling as it is today.

Without it, I would not have been able to achieve the success that I have had. It makes me happy to see that the marijuana culture is becoming less stigmatized and that more and more individuals are exploring the various ways in which cannabis may improve their lives.

A better use of one’s time would be to experiment with marijuana rather than pass judgment on others who do.

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