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Heart stops as camera captures possible ‘juggling’ as nurse flees

The police call this crime “juggling”. This includes chasing whoever took the cash from the bank to their next stop when the predator encounters the prey.

This happened last month in Houstonwhen a man chased a woman for 23 miles and then attacked her, stealing thousands of dollars and leaving her in a wheelchair.

Now, from Richardson, Texas, comes the story of a nurse who managed to escape a man in what police believe was an attempt at juggling. KHAS-TV.

Video of the incident on Monday was caught on a home surveillance camera.

Ricky didn’t give his last name at the station to make it harder to find him.

“Luckily for me, I remained untouched. As for the rest, I don’t want anything to happen to them. The amount of cash may be small, but the injury can be fatal,” he said.

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The incident started with withdrawal at Bank of America and then a short drive home. The car was behind him when he parked, but traffic jams happen.

The car drove off at first, and then turned sharply to approach him.

“They came out attacking,” he said, adding that his thoughts were, “Okay, I don’t know what it is, but I think you’re coming after me, so let’s go.”

<p>He ran to his backyard.  A man in black and white sneakers followed Ricky.  The comrade got out of the car to call the man who was chasing Ricky to stop the chase, and the car drove away after he did.</p>
<p>“I had never had such an experience, so I was a little scared.  I had some cash with me so I thought, “I think I know what he needs,” because I don’t contact anyone who can cause this situation,” he said.</p>
<p>He said that he had since realized that he had to <a rel=more alert.

“My first mistake was, and the officer also pointed it out, you walk out of the bank, nothing in your hand, nothing in your pocket. This is how things should be done,” he said.

“And looking around is not enough, because the officer said they might have binoculars to watch from a distance,” he said.

Odessa, Texas Police Shared Some Tips With KVES-TV so that individuals do not become victims.

These include: being vigilant for ATMS, which are often targeted; environmental awareness, including vehicles that may be suspicious because they are not moving; and avoid openly displaying envelopes of cash when leaving the bank.

Police also said that if someone thinks they are being followed, call 911 to report it and stay on the line after giving your location so the police can send a car to see what’s going on.

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