Hearing tests for young people may stop dementia later in life

About 4 out of 10 cases of dementia are believed to be preventable and are associated with 12 risk factors, including hearing loss. But a survey by Alzheimer’s Research UK (ARUK) found that while 35% of people were worried about their hearing, less than half did nothing about it.

Hearing loss can also lead to other factors associated with dementia, such as social isolation and physical inactivity, which creates a spiraling effect.

Dr Sarah Bauermeister, Senior Research Fellow at Dementia Platforms UK, said: “In my own research, we found that hearing aid wearers had a 50% lower risk of mild cognitive impairment if they wore a hearing aid…compared to those who did. did not wear.

“In our second study, we found that in these people who had hearing loss and who wore a hearing aid, progression from mild cognitive impairment to dementia was reduced by 27 percent.”

She added: “It is very important that hearing aids are more accessible, accessible and easy to use.

“Regular hearing screening is very important throughout life, so [it should be] hearing test normalizes, whether you’re 30 or 40.”

Other risk factors for dementia include high blood pressure, smoking, obesity, alcohol abuse, head injuries, poor education, depression, diabetes, and air pollution.

A YouGov poll found that 98 percent of people could do more to prevent dementia, and today ARUK is launching a 10-minute online Think Brain Health Check-in for people in their 40s and 50s.

ARUK Professor Jonathan Schott said: “Evidence shows that there are steps we can take to improve our brain health.

“Currently, only a third of people realize that this is possible, and we urgently need to change this.”

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