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Hearing set for a bill that would allow doctors to deny some treatments based on religious beliefs

LINCOLN, Neb. (Nebraska) – It could be another divisive day at the state capitol on Friday after several controversial bills have already been in the spotlight this week.

A hearing will be held on Friday on a proposal that would allow doctors or hospitals to deny certain medical treatments to patients they disagree with morally or if they go against their religious beliefs.

Senator Dave Murman introduced LB 810, also dubbed the “Medical Ethics and Diversity Act.” He says it’s a “right of conscience” for health care workers, which Murman says is an “inalienable right” in the proposal.

The bill would still require doctors and other hospital employees to provide emergency care.

Of course, Friday’s hearing comes just a couple of days after hundreds of people attended a demonstration in the capital in opposition to the “Let Them Grow Act,” which would deny anyone under 19 from receiving treatment that affirms the type.

Friday’s hearing is scheduled for 9:30 in room 1510.

Here is a complete view of the LB 810:


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