Hearing on an amendment protecting the right to abortion in Nebraska’s constitution took place on Thursday

LINCOLN, Nebraska. (Nebraska) — State Senator Megan Hunt proposes amendments to protect abortion rights to Nebraska’s constitution.

The Health and Human Services Committee held hearings on the amendments on Thursday.

During her testimony, Hunt said she wanted to bring the issue to Nebraska voters.

“We knew that a bill like LB626 was on the way. I have engaged in ongoing discussions with advocates on how best to counter these attacks on abortion rights, and those conversations have prompted me to introduce this CA couple to give the people of Nebraska the opportunity to vote on this issue,” Hunt said.

LB 626 aims to limit abortions to six weeks pregnant, when abortion rights advocates say many women don’t even know they’re pregnant yet.

His fate in the legislature is unclear after Senator Merv Ripe, a supporter of abortion restrictions, introduced an amendment to limit abortions starting at 12 weeks.


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