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Habitat for Humanity Omaha is working to get more mortgages ready for families, the non-profit is partnering with Omaha based companies

OMAHA, Nebraska – Trying to locate a property in this competitive real estate market is difficult; it is even more difficult if you do not qualify to purchase a home.

Omaha Habitat for Humanity is aiming to make more mortgages available to households. The group is collaborating with local companies to assist working families in purchasing rather than renting a home.

Habitat Omaha welcomes Tyson Foods representatives to one of its brand-new houses. They are renovating the area around 30th and Manderson streets.

Habitat Omaha’s business has consisted of building and rebuilding houses and revitalizing blighted communities for decades. Now, the charity is shifting its focus to assisting individuals in becoming mortgage-ready so they may purchase their own houses.

“We have financial counselors that work one on one with Tyson employees. We have several other partners in Omaha as well and work with them one on one to get mortgage ready, remove barriers, clean up credit, get a credit score, help remove debt and talk about the importance of savings,” said Amanda Brewer, CEO of Habitat for Humanity Omaha.

Tyson Foods desires to assist its employees in acquiring their own houses. The meatpacking behemoth honored the Tyson Habitat worker housing initiative with a substantial donation.

“Tyson is a financial supporter of this process we don’t choose who participates, we don’t choose how they get involved we just support Habitat to continue to do the good work that they do,” said Garrett Dolan, Tyson Foods.

Already thirty households are mortgage-ready. Ten of these families have sold their own residences. Rose Feliciano is one of the new residents of Tyson.

“It was very well, it wasn’t easy to build up credit and all that stuff the people here from Habitat, they help you a lot they go over and beyond to help you.”

Officials at Tyson have stated that acquiring the personnel necessary to run their business is their top priority. By assisting employees in purchasing a house, they seek to recruit new workers and retain existing ones.

“We know that when we invest in this program and a team member invests energy into this program, they’re going to develop a deep sense of loyalty and they’re going to be with us for years,” said Dolan.

According to Habitat Omaha officials, this initiative has been a tremendous success. Making it possible for more families to realize their aspirations of house ownership.

“They’ll be able to buy a house on the open market or perhaps through Habitat doesn’t guarantee them a spot but it gives them all the advantage of having clear credit, getting a credit score for those who didn’t have one, and clearing debt,” said Brewer.

Children’s Hospital and Medical Center and Beardmore in Bellevue are also partners with Habitat Omaha in their efforts to prepare their employees for house ownership.

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