Habitat for Humanity of Lincoln helps build homes for those in need

LINCOLN, Nebraska (Nebraska) – Chilling cold and snow in Nebraska winters usually slow construction, but for Habitat for Humanity staff and volunteers, the season makes housing more important. That’s why they work all winter on several projects.

Outside Blanca’s soon-to-be home, the roar of a truck’s engine sets up a playlist for the house under construction. The contractors take turns bringing in the door and the wood, and for Blanca, it’s all too good to be true right now.

“Honestly, it’s such a positive influence,” Blanca said. “I am very grateful for the opportunity they are giving me by building this house.”

Blanca never had a home. As a child, she followed her parents from apartment to apartment. No matter how hard they worked, she said that they could not become owners of the house. She wants to get rid of this insecurity for her children.

“I feel stability is one of my biggest goals for them,” Blanca said. “Also because when we were growing up, we didn’t have that. We’ve always moved from one place to another and I think it affects the kids, not always negatively, but it can.”

This stability is exactly what Habitat for Humanity of Lincoln strives for. Helping build a home and providing affordable mortgages, usually no more than a third of the owner’s income.

“Our goal is to help families empower themselves,” said Dina Waltz, development director for Habitat for Humanity of Lincoln. “To give them a safe and affordable place to live. When people own their own home, they have the opportunity to increase their wealth, break out of the cycle of generational poverty.”

Blanca, feeling the weight of her new responsibilities, said she was a little nervous about being a landlady. She is also looking forward to the coming months when her hands and those of volunteers will put the finishing touches on the brand new home.

“There is pride in it, but it also makes me more connected to home,” Blanca said. “Later I will say: come on, I worked on it, I helped make it. like I physically did it for myself, but especially for my family.”

Habitat for Humanity of Lincoln is building homes for eight families this year. Of the 80 applicants, five are under construction and three are in the planning stages.

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