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Groundhog Capital of Nebraska, Unadilla Continues Tradition

LINCOLN, Nebraska (Nebraska). When the rest of the world turns to Pennsylvania’s Punxsutawney Phil to predict whether we’ll see another six weeks, or winter, or welcome an early spring, the people of Nebraska pass on the power of prediction to the one and only Unadilla. Billy. This is the second year the famous groundhog has been making predictions since taking over from the original Unadilla Bill, who held the position for 33 years and retired two years ago.

The village of Unadilla, with a population of less than 400, came together for a groundhog festival. They hold the title of the Groundhog Capital of Nebraska. Groundhog Day celebrations don’t end with fortune telling, this Saturday there will be a parade to crown the king and queen and bring everyone together. The event takes place in any weather and even takes place in one-degree weather.

Dan Anderson is the owner of Nitty Gritty Gas and Thrift, where Unadilla Bill resides in retirement.

“It really brings the city together in February when it’s cold and people are looking for things to do and they have a little fever, they can go outside and have fun,” Anderson said.

Unadilla Billy saw her shadow this morning, which means we have six more weeks of winter.

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