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Gov. Jim Pillen answers questions from the public on radio

OMAHA, Nebraska. (Nebraska) — New Governor Jim Pillen expanded on some of the topics he spoke about last week in his State of the Union address.

He told almost every state agency that if his plan passed the Legislature, their budgets would not increase.

On his show on Monday, he told listeners that he plans to cut the government without filling open vacancies or filling jobs after people retire. He also talked about the construction of a new prison and how the days of the state prison were numbered.

“We need a new prison. And we need that so that we have a program so that we can reduce recidivism and make sure our prisons pay their dues for their misdeeds and then they contribute to society,” Pillan said. “It is very important that our new prison is located where the largest population lives.”

Pillan was also asked about joining two dozen other governors opposed to President Biden’s new rule in US waters. This will expand the federal government’s control over rural Nebraska’s wetlands and streams.

“Our Prosecutor General’s Office will deal with this. We will work together to make sure we protect our rights and our water rights in Nebraska,” he said.

Governor Pillan has agreed to host this radio broadcast every month, so if you have any questions for him, you can ask them next time.

The show originates from KFOR in Lincoln and is broadcast by Husker Radio Network affiliates statewide, including KXSP (590:00) in Omaha.

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