Goose Creek “uptown development” project to be funded by property tax, local leaders say

Goose Creek, South Carolina- The hamlet of Carnes Crossroads near Goose Creek continues to expand; on Thursday, the city revealed a plan for the “uptown development” of Carnes Crossroads.

The blueprint calls for a place that is accessible on foot to house restaurants, offices, and a grassy area that may be used for community gatherings.

“If you want to build houses, you need to build businesses, right? “, he asked. “It’s really just that simple,” says Mayor Gregory Habib. “It’s really just that straightforward.” They are going to have to cooperate. And so, if you want to if you want to grow without the worst traffic in the world, then you put people and businesses, retail restaurants, and workplaces in the same spot.”

The city council is contemplating the creation of a Municipal Improvement District in order to assist in funding the rising demand for city resources and development. In the event that it is authorized, existing residents of Carnes Crossroads would be required to pay an extra property tax in order to finance further expansion. Habib made it quite apparent that existing residents would be unaffected by this development.

According to Habib, “What it is, is that it permits growth to pay for itself.” “One of the things that we’ve talked a lot about in government around here is how historically, you know, we the people who have lived here for x number of years end up having to pay more in taxes and pay more in fees, because of because of because of growth costs go up and yet growth is not paying for itself.”

According to Habib, the municipal improvement tax will contribute to the funding of additional fire stations and leisure fields in the area.

According to Habib, “Once again, it’s growth paying for growth.” “We don’t need a new fire station until our population continues to expand. We do not require any new recreational fields or recreation fields in addition to our current number.

The Municipal Improvement District was successful during its first reading in front of the city council, and it is scheduled to be discussed during its second reading at the council meeting on October 11.

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