Goose Creek sees enormous city development, the budget to be increased for more than 20% next year

GOOSE CREEK, South Carolina –  Due to the ongoing economic development taking place inside the community, the budget for the City of Goose Creek is expected to see an increase of approximately 20% for the upcoming year.

As the city’s population grows, Mayor Greg Habib has stated that the city’s upcoming budget of $77.8 million will be the greatest in its entire history.

According to Habib, the proposed budget, which was approved in its first reading by the city council on Tuesday night, will result in an average homeowner paying $115 less in taxes over the following fiscal year. The city has stated that they would not be decreasing their millage rate for the following year; however, residents should expect to see decreased taxes as a result of the city’s growth.

The increased number of business licenses, commercial properties, and property prices in the city are the primary contributors to the greater budget.

The mayor also stated that the city is able to increase the pay of all of its employees by 5% to account for increases in the cost of living as a result of the budget.

According to Habib, the increased budget makes it possible for the city to hire three additional sworn police officers, as well as provide cash for new police and fire equipment. This is good news for public safety.

“We’re able to pay cash for police vehicles that, because we didn’t quite have the money, we had to finance some of those last year,” Habib said. “We’re able to pay cash for those.” “We are in a position to pay off the debt service on goods that we have financed in the past while at the same time paying cash for those automobiles. The economy of the City of Goose Creek is booming, despite the fact that most of the rest of the country is experiencing economic uncertainty.

Before the municipal council may vote to approve the budget, it must first be read in public at least once more.

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