Google and Ford are working to improve their radar application

Google, Ford and four other partners have released specifications for the Ripple standard that could bring small radars to multiple devices in a “privacy-friendly” way.

The framework, hosted by the Consumer Technology Association, theoretically allows any device maker to use small-scale radar for tasks ranging from existing use, such as contactless movement control and health monitoring to exercise monitoring.

Early details are currently available through GitHub, with a focus on interoperability between radar types. Developers will initially need to add special cases for use with extensions, but the Ripple team hopes to incorporate these add-ons in later versions of the standard.

The inclusion of Google and Ford makes sense. Both companies have already used radar to deliver products such as Nest Hub or Ford’s Co-Pilot 360 driver assistance.

The greater the industry-wide radar support, the more likely it is that customers will seek it in the company’s products. However, it can be really useful if the radar becomes more of a rare but irrelevant bonus feature.

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