Georgetown making final preparations ahead of Ian

GEORGETOWN COUNTY, South Carolina – The City of Georgetown gave approximately six tons of sand to its neighbors, who were making final preparations for the arrival of Hurricane Ian in the Lowcountry.

Thursday’s distribution occurred along Front Street just off Fraser Street. The place was accessible from 8 a.m. till the sand ran out.

John Stuckey grabbed approximately seven sacks of sand to assist in protecting his family’s residence from potential flooding caused by Ian.

“We came out to grab some sand because the weather is changing,” Stuckey said. “We’re basically preparing for any type of flood or similar event that floods the house by placing sand in front of the entrance to prevent flooding.”

Mayor Carol Jayroe and Councilmember Hobson Milton were observed filling and tying dozens of sandbags for neighbors who were waiting.

On Friday, Ian is anticipated to bring flooding, storm surge, and heavy winds to the Georgetown area.

“We should expect a lot of water from the surge alone,” said a local resident, Layne Smith. “There are already fairly strong tides in our home. If it keeps like this and we receive a ton of rain, it’s going to be rather bad.”

According to Stuckey, his family lives in a low-lying location that is susceptible to flooding during an average afternoon rainfall.

“On a typical day, when it rains, it floods a little bit,” Stuckey added, “but I can only picture what this storm will do if rain, storm, and wind came through; we’d be in much worse shape.”

Overall, Georgetown residents expect that the storm will have a lesser impact than Hurricane Michael in 2018.

“Be careful out there today,” Stuckey instructed. Over the next few days, it may become a little rough.

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