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Gay fathers who allegedly set their adopted sons to pimping now occupy the bottom rung in a prison full of hardened criminals

A horrifying story from Georgia involving a gay couple who allegedly sexually abused and drove their adopted sons crazy came to light last week and shocked the entire country. Now we learn how the two defendants face a form of prison justice.

In July 2022, Walton County, Georgia police arrested William and Zachary Zulokgay couple and prominent LGBT activists after they uncovered evidence that the couple had created child pornography using their adopted children.

Although it was already known last week, town hall released a four-part investigative report that showed the seriousness of the allegations they now face.

report gives horrifying details of how the couple allegedly raped their adopted sons and how they allegedly created child pornography and passed it on to accomplices. It also explains how they were able to adopt two children despite background checks showing that Zachary Zulok previously under investigation for child sexual abuse.

WARNING. The following tweets and threads contain scenes of violence and images that may cause concern to some viewers.

Now, Part 4 showed what life is like for defendants in prison. It details exactly how Zachary Zulok is subjected to what is commonly referred to as “prison justice”.

According to the report, Zachary Zulok is being held in maximum security prison with other hard-core criminals such as rapists and murderers. However, even in this environment, there is a kind of code of honor among prisoners who tend to look down on other prisoners whose crimes they consider more despicable.

Those who commit crimes against children are considered the lowest on the prison social ladder, and Zachary finds this out the hard way.

Are these people facing the death penalty?

In a recorded conversation with a relative in prison, Zachary can be heard saying that he fears other inmates are slipping something into his drinks. “I think someone put something in my drink. . . My… arm and everything went numb. I couldn’t move my arms. My fingers are stuck.”

Zachary was taken to a nurse who gave him medicine for inflammation, and he pleaded with relatives to convince his lawyer to release him on bail. He also reported that a cellmate threatened him with physical violence.

Ironically, Zechariah, despite a lifestyle that was completely contrary to the teachings of Christ, found solace in reading Bible during his time behind bars.

“Reading the Bible helps,” he said, “and I think I read it all in 16 days. But then I re-read it. That way, you know, I can re-understand things and re-think them, because it’s a lot to digest when you read it for the first time.”

Meanwhile, William, his “husband”, had to struggle with prison food due to his dietary restrictions and often complained about the prison’s deciphered physical condition.

He also expressed concern about Zachary’s mental state as he is in jail and awaiting trial.

Yet despite the dire stories they tell their relatives and the media, the general public seems to be completely unsympathetic to their plight and wants them to face harsh punishment, some even calling for the death penalty.

It is interesting to note that these people share the same feelings for these two as hardened criminals who have committed some heinous crimes. Even criminals have a sense of morality and feel that some actions are taken too far.

If criminals are capable of causing evil when they see it, then we should be able to do it.

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