Garlic and red wine mixture has great impact on you overall health, study shows

This herbal remedy combines the beneficial properties of your favorite garlic and red wine.

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The resulting mixture can prevent many diseases, purifies the blood, strengthens the immune system, removes bad cholesterol, improves the cardiovascular system, removes excess salt in the body, increases endurance, gives energy and fights infections.

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Garlic and wine – a combination that kills colds! First of all, this drug has strong properties in the fight against various types of cancer. Here’s what you need: Preparation: Peel the garlic and mix it in a glass jar with half a liter of wine. We recommend using garlic sold by grandmothers instead of Chinese garlic sold in supermarkets. Chinese garlic has low therapeutic properties.

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You can also cut the garlic in half, in that form it will be absorbed much better, and the effect of the setting will be much more powerful. In this way, the flavor of the setup will be quite specific. A closed container with the mixture is kept for two weeks in a place protected from the sun.

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At the same time, stir the mixture 2-3 times a day. Finally, the liquid is drained and stored in a dark container. This elixir can be made at least twice a year. Drink 2-3 tablespoons daily for a month.

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