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Gaining sunlight, but losing an hour for daylight saving until Sunday

We haven’t seen the sun in a number of days now, and this morning’s messy winter shuffle is finally pushing east. The gloomy and cloudy look is about to change with the arrival of summer time.

Tonight is the right night to advance the clocks one hour before Sunday starts. But even if we lose an hour of sleep, we will gain an hour of sunlight. By Sunday evening and beyond, the sun will set no later than 7:30pm each night.

Finally, on Sunday we will go out to welcome more sunshine. However, temperatures will not have a chance to recover yet. Winds will be sustained from the north and gusty at times, keeping the air cool. Temperatures haven’t changed much in recent days and this trend continues into early next week.

Looking across the state, winds will pick up in the morning and early afternoon, keeping the air cooler. Gusts of 25-30 mph are possible for southeastern Nebraska, with higher gusts more likely north and east near the South Dakota border.

Even though we’ll be colder than normal over the next couple of days, we’ll start to look a lot better on Tuesday. We will quickly jump to highs in the 50s and 60s through the middle of next week, remaining dry for now.

And the 10-day forecast now includes St. Patrick’s Day on Friday and the start of spring on March 20th!

Meteorologist Jessica Blum Twittered: Jessica Blum Wx Facebook: JessicaBlumWx

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