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Fully vaccinated and boosted Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert tests positive on Covid-19

Omaha, Nebraska – Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert tested positive on Covid-19 and will work from home in the upcoming days, multiple sources reported.

The information about the positive test was also confirmed by the mayor’s officer spokesperson on Tuesday.

“She is asymptomatic and feels fine,” spokeswoman Carrie Murphy said in a news release.

The mayor’s office spokesperson added that the mayor had limited interactions with the colleagues from the office since she was out of the office for almost whole week last week.

“Mayor Stothert had a positive PCR test for Covid-19 today. She is asymptomatic and feels fine. She was away from the office last week and has had limited exposure to staff. The Mayor will work remotely from home and follow the City’s guidelines for quarantine before returning to work.”

As we already reported multiple times, Mayor Stothert was fully vaccinated and later she even received her booster Covid-19 dose.

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