From February 1, Denmark lifts all pandemic restrictions and becomes the first country to move past the pandemic, at least for now

The Danish authorities have decided to exclude Covid-19 from the category of critical diseases, and from February 1, all restrictions in this country will be lifted.

Prime Minister Matthew Fredericksen announced that with the exclusion of Covid from the category of socially critical diseases, they decided from February 1 to lift all restrictions, for which they received full support from other parties in parliament.

Covid passports will continue to be required only at entrances to Denmark from abroad. Fredericksen said that in late January and early February, the number of Covid-19 infections would peak and then decline.

She says that although the restrictions will be over and daily life will be normalized, the authorities will monitor the data for Covid-19 and will recommend a fourth dose of the Covid vaccine.

In Denmark, it was announced on September 10 that the coronavirus epidemic was completely under control and that all measures had been lifted. However, later as the cases grew, the restrictions were reintroduced on November 15 last year.

The chief epidemiologist of the Danish State Institute, Tyra Kraus, said on January 3 that the omicron variant had brought an end to the epidemic and that people would return to normal life within two months.

The death toll in Denmark rose to 3,635 and the number of infected rose to 1.48 million. This country is the first in Europe to lift measures against covidium.

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