Friday’s gatherings at Downing Street might be the end for Boris Johnson amid decreasing rating

London, UK – Aperitifs are organized every Friday in Downing Street during the lockdown, the British newspaper Mirror reports today, adding to the list of accusations addressed to the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, whose position seems to be increasingly endangered.

Affected by a scandal called “Partygate”, 57-year-old Johnson is openly criticized within his conservative majority and is facing the worst crisis since coming to power in July 2019.

He apologized to parliament on Wednesday for attending one of the parties in May 2020 at a time when the country was in lockdown, stating that he thought it was a working meeting.

However, other discoveries have since begun to emerge, including a celebration on Downing Street, without Boris Johnson, ahead of Prince Philip’s funeral in April 2021. Queen Elizabeth II attended her husband’s funeral alone in the chapel of Windsor Castle, as a symbolic image of the country’s rigorous locking.

The services of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson apologized to Queen Elizabeth II for two parties organized in Downing Street on the eve of Prince Philip’s funeral and in the midst of severe restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic. Boris Johnson was not present at any of those gatherings, but he is facing criticism for allegedly violating the bans.

The Mirror writes today that every Friday, employees of Downing Street ended the working week by sharing glasses of wine, which is a “long tradition” that has survived despite the introduction of restrictions related to kovid, which prohibits this type of gathering.

The paper adds that the staff invested in a refrigerator to store their bottles of alcohol in the cold and that the Prime Minister knew about those gatherings.

A Downing Street spokesman referred to the conclusions of the investigation led by high-ranking official Sue Gray, which should determine whether Boris Johnson and his associates violated the regulations during those various events.

However, anger is growing, including in conservative circles. Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen assessed today that he should not wait for what Sue Gray will say to know that Boris Johnson has lost his “moral authority” to govern the country.

Boris Johnson launched a counter-attack to stay in power. The papers report that those who support him are invited to praise his achievements, including the implementation of Brezgit, and that some of his associates will be asked to leave.

Labor opposition leader Kir Starmer reiterated his call for Johnson’s resignation today, saying it was in the national interest.

“We have a prime minister who is absent and who is literally hiding at the moment, he is incapable of ruling, and that is why I decided that he should leave,” he said in an address to the leftist group “Fabian Socajeti”.

However, Starmer himself has been accused of hypocrisy over footage of him drinking beer with a small group of Labor employees in an office in May last year, at a time when gatherings inside were banned, except for professional reasons.

When the recording was first published last year, his party stated that Starmer did not violate any regulations because he was in the “workplace”.

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