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Friday night shooting in a Cecil County house fatal for five people, three minor children among the victims, police

Cecil County, Maryland – Two adults and three children were found shot to death on Friday inside a house in Maryland, according to authorities. The deaths were reported by a man who called 911 from inside the residence to report a shooting.

A man, a woman, and three children who were in the fifth, seventh, and eighth grades were discovered in a big two-story home in Elk Mills on Friday morning, according to the Cecil County Sheriff Scott Adams. The home was located in Elk Mills. The identity of the victims were not immediately made public by the authorities, but they have stated that there is no active threat to the general population.

The shooting took place approximately 60 miles northeast of Baltimore and a few miles west of the state boundary between Delaware and Maryland. It took place on a cul-de-sac in an area of residential streets that were mixed with woodland areas.

Adams stated, “It’s a horrific day, and I know that the prayers of everyone are welcomed…. My phone hasn’t stopped ringing from people who are concerned about this and angry about this.”

At this point, grief is the only appropriate response, according to Adams. Any loss is bad, but a loss to this level, which is not a common occurrence – it’s certainly not a common thing here in Cecil County – it’s tragic and terrible, and it takes a long time for people to comprehend. “Anytime you have a loss to these levels. Any loss is terrible. Any loss to these levels.”

Deputy sheriffs were dispatched to the residence just after 9 o’clock in the morning. by a man who claimed that three children, a lady, and himself had been shot to death, according to Holmes.

According to CBS Baltimore, officials stated that the call was “extremely short” and that the man hung up at the end of it. There were multiple calls made back to the residence, but none of them were answered.

When deputies broke into the house, they discovered a male who had already passed away inside. A semi-automatic weapon was found in close proximity to the deceased person.

The sheriff did not want to speculate on what could have been the reason for the crime. He stated that there is no record of deputy responses to calls made at the residence in his office’s files.

The bodies were found dispersed throughout the house in various rooms. The residence had beige siding and red shutters, and there was a detached garage that was enclosed by police tape on the video from the site. There were a significant number of law enforcement cars at the area.

According to reports from CBS Baltimore, a search and seizure warrant has been carried out at the residence, and the investigation is still underway.

Animal Services from Cecil County were dispatched to the residence because there was a dog and two cats inside. A video that was uploaded to YouTube by CBS Baltimore shows a dog being carried away from the location of the crime.

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