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Friday afternoon shootout at a gas station in Walterboro resulted with one person injured; two suspects arrested for the case

COLLETON COUNTY, S.C. – A shootout occurred on Friday afternoon at a petrol station in Walterboro, and the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office is looking into the incident.

According to the information provided by the sheriff’s office, Brandon Brown, 21, has been charged with attempted murder, and Nikale Aiken, 19, has been charged with being an accessory after the fact to attempted murder.

At approximately five o’clock in the evening, deputies were dispatched to the Pak-a-Sak petrol station located on Sidneys Road.

They discovered a Honda car that had been involved in a collision with the gas pumps; the driver of the vehicle had sustained life-threatening injuries as a result of gunshots.

During their investigation of the area, the investigators said they found evidence suggesting that a sedan and a Dodge Truck were engaging in gunfire with one another. The Dodge pickup had already left the area, and the two people who were inside the sedan, according to the deputies, also ran away from the scene on foot.

After that, investigators received a call informing them of another report of shooting. When they arrived at the second place, they discovered that no one had been hurt there. However, detectives were able to establish that the two incidents were connected to one another.

According to the information provided by the sheriff’s office, many hours later it was determined that Brown was the individual who had been driving the truck and that Aiken was one of the individuals who had walked away from the car.

Both Brown and Aiken are being held at the Colleton County Detention Center pending the outcome of their bond hearings at this time. Detectives are not finished with their investigation, and they anticipate making other arrests and filing additional charges related to this case.

Please contact CRIMESTOPPERS at the number 843-549-2211 if you, or anyone you know, have any information regarding this occurrence.

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