France has announced the phasing out of anti-covid measures

The discos in France can be reopened on February 16, and from that date concerts can be held again.

French Prime Minister Jean Castex announced that from February 2 in the country will gradually lift restrictions on protection against coronavirus, such as wearing masks in the open, which was introduced in some areas, reports Serbian H1.

On that date, nine days after the entry into force of the vaccine pass, which is due to take effect on Monday next week, measures in places open to the public will be lifted, and remote operation will only be “recommended”.

The vaccine pass, which will apply to all persons over the age of 16, should take effect on Monday and be used to enter restaurants, fairs, seminars, professional gatherings and regional public transport.

The entry into force of this measure will depend on the decisions of the Constitutional Council.

The vaccine pass should allow “most of the restrictions” to be lifted, Castex said.

The discos in France can reopen on February 16, and from that date concerts can be held again.

The French government has announced that an additional dose of the antidote vaccine can be given to adolescents aged 12 to 17, but is not mandatory.

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