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Fox Weatherman Severely Beaten on Subway Asks 5 Judgmental Questions After Assault

The barbarians continue to destroy the blue cities.

This was made clear when Fox News meteorologist Adam Klotz appeared on Fox & Friends Monday morning, still showing signs of a beating he received at the hands of several young men on the New York City subway early Sunday morning.

And he had questions about security in New York.

Ride in a subway car with probably two dozen passengers Klotz intervened with the group when they set fire to the hair of another passenger, an elderly man. The band then turned on Klotz.

“There is a group of teenagers and one of them lights a joint and they light this lighter to the guy in the hair and his hair stands up! Like a matchbox,” Klotz told his colleagues.

“I said, “Wow! You can’t! It’s not cool,” he continued. “And that’s all it took. I was the center of all their attention.”

While the older man was able to put out the flames, Klotz was hit by one of the teenagers and moved to another subway car. But later the whole group attacked him, and he realized that they were trying to knock him down.

“The whole group – the doors open again at the other stop – the whole group just comes in and the bum jumps on me and all of a sudden I’m, like, on the ground.

Are Democrats destroying American cities?

“They kick me in the side, they scold me. [They said,] “Put him down! Sleep him! They tried to knock me out.

“And then when you pass out and get hit, there is no protection,” Klotz said. “So I just tried my best to cover my head so it wouldn’t get knocked out.

“And now my side is black and blue. I can barely bend my knee because I get kicked and punched.”

Klotz said that passers-by rushed to help him, only after the disappearance of the attackers. “But when it happened, no one did anything. But I mean, I got it! See what happens when you stand up for someone.

“I was trying to stand up for someone and this is what just happened to me. Like, why would anyone want to do this to themselves?”

Even after being attacked and calling the police, the assailants, who he said were between 15 and 17 years old, returned and continued to abuse him. Do you see what happens when you talk to us? one of them asked Klotz, pointing out that “the older guy didn’t tell us anything, and he’s all right.”

Except, of course, that the “older guy” had his hair set on fire.

Nice bouquet.

The police detained three young people as possible suspects, but they were released to their parents. Fox News reported.

After attacking himself and the elderly man, Klotz had several questions, five to be exact.

“Why is the weatherman on the train trying to stop crime in the middle of the night? Like, where [Mayor] Eric Adams? Where is the city? Why am I doing this? Why does it depend on me?

Oddly enough, in the background Mayor Adams is in law enforcement. And Klotz noted that at one time policemen rode subway trains.

Apparently, New York is not taking the incident too seriously, as Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doucey quoted the New York Post as saying that the attacks on Klotz were classed as misdemeanors.

How is this a misdemeanor? Dusi asked. “They beat the crap out of you… They could have killed you.”

While Klotz could have charged the suspects when asked, he appears to have shied away from the idea, stating that he was more concerned with “structural” issues.

“Get the cops in there,” he said. “I want Eric Adams to do something longer term so this doesn’t happen to someone else, more than I’ll just get my revenge in the short term.”

Asked if he had a message for the teenagers who beat him up, Klotz said: “Don’t do it again.

“You have a whole life. Don’t give up on your lives and do it again in a few years. It’s not worth it – I’m not worth it! It’s not worth it”.

Attacks on Klotz and an elderly man – symptoms what’s going on in new york and other blue cities across America.

People are attacked in the New York subway, they are even pushed onto the tracks.

While New York has taken a bit of a turn during the administration of Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and his “broken window” philosophy of not letting small things grow into big ones, Those days are gone.

stormy old times returned from New York, perhaps worse than before. Just ask the meteorologist.

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